Ethan, killer of Krusk

six foot ten inches of perfectly muscled half orc. very little sign of orc blood as far as small tusk that are barely noticable and a slight skin discoloration. long black braided hair from a small area on the back of his shaved head that reaches to below


Ethan-son of Emily-Killer of Krusk

Born to Krusk the Bold, Chieftan of the Redfang tribe, and Emily of the Goldcraft family of Merchants. Born 8th in line to the chief, his mother was taken for her looks, and was found to be intellegent. As the way of the chief he kept her with the rest of his women trophies and used her to teach his children languages, and knowlege of trade. The chief seeing that his captins woud be more useful if not so barbaric.

Ethan spent the early part of his life training with his brothers to be warriors and leaders. harsh treatment, especially to the youngest of the eight made Enthan stronger. Ethan excelled at his studies with his mother. Easily picking up languages and mand skills not often used in Orc soceity. Unknown to the chieftan, Ethan was being taught many things not allowed. Ethan learned of the gods, how to propery act in soceity, and a great deal about Emily’s family. He found he was named for Emily’s brother that was killed in the attack that she was captured in.

Life was good for Ethan. He was large for his age, and able to stand up to his brother. Some of whome were tru blood Orcs. He was also a good student and was growing close to his mother, much to the chiefs unliking.

As all things do, things came to an end during his 10th summer. One early morning, Ethan went to his mother’s tent for his daily lessons. What he found was the worst scene that he had ever seen in his whole life being with the Orcs. His seven brothers had broken into his mothers tent and were having their way with her. His brothers stopped thier activites and looked at him, even going so far as to ask him if he wanted a turn.

Something snapped inside Ethan. With a rage he had never felt before, he lept across the floor and snapped his eldest brothers neck. While his remaining brotherswere still stunned at what had happened, he charged into the rest of them. The fighting was ended a few minutes later by a group of warriors from the tribe. Ethan, beaten and broken, was staked out in the central area of the camp to await his punishment.

The Orc chieftan arrived a couple of hours later, having found out about his sons. He drug behind his a bloody mess that Ethan reconized as his mother. The chief told to the gathering of his people what had happened and that Ethan was the last of his sons still living. (He had not slain them all, but had done enough damage to some that they would never fight again).

The chief asked Ethan how he could have done this for a while, at which point he turned to Emily and ended her life with a blade. Ethan, like a wild animal, pulled at his bonds but could not break free. Thinking this was funny, the chief had his men release the ropes. Never expecting the boy to move as he did, he was unprepared as Ethan charged straight into him. The chief barely had the time to bring his blade up before the boy was on him, digging at his eyes with his hands. The chief tried to bring his blade up and found his blade stuck in the boy’s gut. The boy seeing his chance, jabbed his thumb into the cheif’s right eye, grabbed the back of his head, and make a twisting motion with every ounce of strength he head. There was a loud pop and a stunned silence.

As the chief fell slowely to the ground te on lookers had no idea what to do. Many belonged to different tribes and was held together by Krusk the Bold. Fighting began shortly after as word spread throughout the camp. Being mostly forgotten, Ethan pulled the blade from himself, stuffed a cloth into the wound, gathered his mother’s body, and limped out of the camp as fast as possiable.

The next 5 year were a dark and horriable time. During the end of that time, a chance encounter with a monk in the wilds changed everything. Shortly afer this encounter, Ethan killer of Krusk, walked into a temple of Irrori and dedicated himself to the church whole heartedly.
After six years in the church, there came a time when the priest decided Wthan should return back into the worlk. To bring strength to the people and bring healing to the weak.

Ethan began to travel the world, he came upon a posting offering adventure and possiably people to travel with.

Ethan, killer of Krusk

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