Markus & Argos

Summoner and Eidolon pair.


HP/ 15————— HP/ 25
AC/ 17—————-AC/ 18
Str: 12 + 1 -—Str: 21 + 5
Dex: 18 + 4 -—Dex: 13 + 1
Con: 17 + 3 -—Con: 17 + 3
Int: 18 + 4 -—Int: 7
Wis: 12 + 1 -—Wis: 10
Cha: 20 + 5 -—Cha: 11
CMB- 1 -———-7
CMD- 14 -———18
Fort: 3 -———Fort: 7
Reflex: 4 -——Reflex: 2
Will: 3 -———Will: 3

Markus: BAB 0
Sickle +1- +2/
2 1d6 Crit x2 (20) (S) (Trip)
Blowgun- +4/- 1d2 Crit x2 (20) (P) Darts x20

Argos: BAB 2
Claw – +7/
5 1d6 Crit x2 (20) (S)
Claw – 7/5 1d6 Crit x2 (20) (S)
Bite – 7/5 1d6 Crit x2 (20) (P)


My story begins much where it last ended, on the private boat of my mother and father. My story begins with a description of my parents. I do not remember my father much but from stories I garnered from the People he was a extraordinary if not dangerous man before his death. Mother is a strong woman whom I have not seen in nigh on nine years. My life begins on a boat crashing onto the shores of Hermea the fabled island of the People, paragons to normal humans. When the ship ran ashore the thunderous crash of waves drowned out my first cries. My father and mother met with the People to see if we could stay in peace till our ship was repaired. Our wishes were conveyed to the ruler of Hermea, Mengkare, whom wished to examine my mother and father and talk to them. They agreed. You see Mengkare wanted to breed an ultimate race of humans and my father and mother fit his idealistic if not semi-mad ticket. Mother was a strong warrior of the Ulfen people of the north strong proud and beautiful. Father was a sorcerer of no small power from a far off land. Their ‘unique’ talents earned them a place of citizenry on the island paradise. This place of perfection was where I was raised, and soon was where I despised.
Soon after my parents acceptance there came the matter of me. I was new born and could not yet show if I possessed the same talent as my parents. Mengkare was intrigued by my fathers lineage and wanted to know exactly how he had acquired his Sorcerers powers. They began to study it together whilst mother raised me through the first year of my life.
My father knew what energies powered him but tried to hide the truth from Mengkare. That he had the blood of the red dragon Apophis. But Mengkare found out. Enraged by the fact that a man of tainted blood especially that of a red dragon had nearly entered his Utopia. Mengkare challenged my father to a public duel. As the challenged my father was allowed to choose the weapon or form of combat. He chose magic since he knew against Mengkares physical form in any state he was no match. In a fight that ripped across the island paradise my father and Mengkare laid waste to the land each seeking the others destruction my father to protect me and mother, Mengkare for his pride. In the end the ancient dragon of the west proved to strong and my father fell. Soon after my mother and mine citizenrys were stripped away and we were cast out onto the fringes of society. My mother raised me with love until I was sixteen, Mengkare watching me closely. At my coming of age Mengkare personally saw to it that I be sent away from the island. Else I taint the blood of some young maiden there. In exile I left to travel the world. I was allowed my parents old vessel and my ‘inheretance’, a few coin and my fathers old withered oaken staff. The staff had runes scribed into the side but I have yet to decipher them. I set sail not allowed a final farewell south to lands unknown. I ended up sailing along the coast stopping for food until I reached Port Godless of Rahadoum. There I resupplied and continued from there north into the Inner Sea. Having sailed that sea and traveling the coasts therein I finally came to Jalmeray, City of the Impossible. There I had spent these last six years of my life studying in the temples and practicing my new found art in the arcane, while my strength has faded some my mind has grown sharper. And in my studies I became intrigued by the summoning arts of Jalmeray, and there I met my companion, Argos the Walker of the Whispering Pools, a humanoid creature that looks like a piece of the night sky in human form, small motes of silver like stars. We both agreed that I had spent too long holed up in musty tomes and shadowed eaves. Together we eagerly set out on a voyage that brought us to Khatapesh, my adventuring spirit rekindled.

Markus & Argos

The Shadows of Katapesh Zeusrus