Human Oracle


There is much I do not know about my youth. What I’m telling you I have pieced
together from what little was told to me from cargivers at the orphanage or a few fragmented
memmories. I spent the first 4 or 5 years of my life with my parents whom I can’t really
remember. I can remember my bedrooom: it was quite decadant. I remember the brightlty colored
pillows, the elegant fabrics, the toys, the marble floors, and the intricate murals painted
on the walls and ceilings. So my parents must have been wealthy merchants or nobles. I can
remeber a few faces from those times. They all seemed to wear looks of pity, sadness,
apprehention, or even fear. I have a clear memory of being excited when a woman came to take
me outside on a “trip”. I can remember being excited and amazed as I traveled on wagons and
on horseback. I have a clear memory of simply feeling the dirt and being amazed by its
coolness; it must have been my first time being outside. I hold no anger towards my parents
for sending me to an orphanage; having a child that was haunted by spirits had to be a
confusing and horrible thing to face. I have lived with it and still find it a difficult
thing to cope with. Although I have found ways to block them partially from my mind allowing
me to focus on what is at hand (concentration trait), they are still always there clawing at
my contiousness, whispering things to me …..I am not sure which is worse: dealing with them
myself or dealing with those that experience the spirits simply by being near me. Their fear,
anger, and ignorance of the burden I must carry has caused many situations that have ranged
from uncomfortable to life threatening. I have become comfortable with being the outcast in
society but the rejections never truly get easy to cope with.

I spent most of my youth at the orphanage. Life there was pretty much what I
remember my first few years of my life being minus the luxury. I was left alone, my peers and
caregivers not liking to be near me. They quickly spurned me whenever I approached them. I
suffered many beatings at the hands of bullies. No one wanting to even sleep in the same room
as me, I used the orphanages cellar as a bedroom. I had no friends except for an old mangy
dog that roamed the streets of the town getting what scraps he could find. To be honest, he
only came around because I shared my meals with him. At 13 I grew tired of the orphanage and
ran away.

I attempted a life as a thief…….I wasnt very good at it. I tried robbing homes, shops, raiding abandoned ruins, and I even attempted a temple. That was when I was caught. Thank Sarenrae it was her temple. I was 15 when the priests took me in. The priests there took pity on a starving desperate youth and as is their way, wished to redeem me from the path I had chosen. They wished to show me the light and love that is Sarenrae. The priests made me feel at home for the first time. Although their were times they were uncomfortable around me they never let it turn to hate or outright fear. It was there that I came to understand the blessing that came with my curse. I had always seemed to heal quickly from the bumps and bruises inflicted on me from the other children at the orphanage. What I hadn’t realized was that I was channeling divine power to heal myself. As I spent time with the priests, I realized that although I handled the same power as they did, it came to me naturally. I did not need to pray or ask a deity for power. I had only need to focus and will it to happen. Since it came to me so differently, I had to learn to channel it on my own. Thanks to Sarenrae and the love shown to me by both her and her followers, I survived and was shown a better life. Because of this, I have devoted myself to her teachings and to her I will always be endebted.

Now, I travel and adventure for many reasons. Partly because most of my life I have been on the move and strangly, I feel at home when I travel. I also seek to understand what the cause is of my condition. Am I cursed, blessed, chosen for some special service? Why am I like this? I also feel that I have a duty to to be a missionary for Sarenrae spreading her word and uplifting the faith of her followers bringing hope to those that despair.


The Shadows of Katapesh sabah