The Shadows of Katapesh

A Talking Dog?

Starday the 14th of Abadius 4712

The party finally approached Katapesh’s Daystalls outside the serpant gate. The long trek from Driftwood was hot and full of environmental discomfort. They were running late for a meeting with a representative for the Aspis Merchant Consortium, a Cheliaxian by the name of Skern Dal. Their first order of buisness was to find Detaro’s Brewery, which was to be the meeting place. That is when they came upon a peculiar site. A half-orc named Torg, who was none too talkative, and a very chatty small black dog named Cheeho. After some haggling with with Sabah the Oracle Cheeho gives the adventurers the directions to the brewery plus some information that he was looking for a tomb so he could return a pendant he had pilfered from a mummy with a penchant for curses, apparently Cheeho was a misfortunate grave robber. The heros finally make it to the bar where they meet said representative and set to negotiate the terms of their employment. After a heroic verbal tug of war between Krusk and Skern the terms are the consortium gets 15% of stall sales to be renegotiated in 3 months and a representative will be accompanying the group on their forays into the wilds in search for booty…not in the biblical sense. The adventurers then set up thier new buisness in the day stalls where they are approached by a man named Terrance who subtly suggests that they pay for his organizations protection. Shortly after a large trunk is delivered by two raggedy looking dwarves…and they didn’t get tipped the cheap bastards. There were 5,000 gold pieces worth of merchandise prime the pump on this hot venture and some minor magic items to get the heros started on their prosperous new career. (no thats not sarcasm). The group sets up shop and tries to bring in buisness a variety of ways, all of which failed. Boomer gets intimidated by an old woman who threatens to bitch slap him if he does not buy her dishes, which he promptly does. Later that day the group notices Terrence and his goons nonchalantly watching their stall.

Starday the 15th of Abadius 4712

The group agrees not to pay Terrence and his associates. An elven woman comes to the stall named Vendlara Alderane. She enquires about buisness and tells the group she is the representative of the merchant consortium. Playing a hunch, Garn and Markus go to speak with Cheeho hoping for more information about the area and maybe a place to start looking for ill begotten booty. On their way to Cheeho’s stall the day stalls are attacked by a large band of Gnoll Slavers looking to recruite new product. The group lays the smackdown on said gnolls and maybe even gains some confidence of the merchants nearby…

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